Why ChooseePubz?


Client RecognitionUpload your existing contact list and ePubzwill automatically distinguish whether a site visitor is a new or returning client.

  • -First-time visitor?Introduce your product line, and demonstrate what your brand has to offer!
  • -Returning client?Welcome them back, and show your appreciationwith special incentives!
  • -Client interested in more of your product?ePubz will send a pre-designated brochure highlighting your more sophisticatedpackages, giving you the opportunity to upsell.

Guided Sales With ePubz, you can assist your customers in finding the product that's right for them based on their relationship with you, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing technique. Your customers will appreciate receiving ecommunication that's fresh and relevant to their purchasing needs.

ScalableDesign new publications brochures and magazines as your product line develops to keep clients up-to-date on your company's latest news.

Organized Statistics You'll be notified as soon as your publication is requested, viewed, or forwarded. Customer clicks are tracked and assembled into sortable reports, enabling you to analyzereading patterns and conduct measurable market research. Statistics can be passed into Salesforce, equipping your reps with invaluable tools for following up with prospective and returning clients.

Easy to UseePubzoffers a user-friendly platform that allows non-technical users of all experience levels to build impressive digital publications. Have a question or need assistance? We're here for you 24/7, offering dedicated support to ensure you get the most out of your epublications.

What Can You Do With ePubz? With ePubz, YouGet:

Complete Customization: Generate a publication from scratch that demonstrates your exclusive brand. Start with pictures from your desktop, and then add your own unique text, captions, videos, and links.

Decreased Shopping Cart Abandonment: Instead of leaving visitors to browse your website aimlessly, useillustrious publications tostrategically guide their attention to products and services you wish to highlight. Convince your clients of their need for your product before they've had a chance to leave.

Unlimited Sharing Capabilities:Once you've created your brochure or magazine, you can Send, Publish, Display, and Post:

  • -Send your publication directly to first-time visitors, long-time patrons, and friends of clients. They'll each receive a customized email enabling them to view your brochure at their convenience.
  • -Publish your finished product inthe ePubz library, and exhibit your work alongsideotherprofessionally produced publications.
  • -Display publications on your home page, and equip your site to function as a powerful sales platform.
  • -Post your pub to Facebook and other social media outlets, and show your network of contacts what your company has to offer.
Accessibility on a Variety of Devices:Your clients can use the device of their choice toconveniently view your company's products and services in a robustelectronic format.

Increased Exposure: Expand your scope to reach a whole new audience with Search Engine Optimization capabilities. SEO magnifies the visibility of your content to search engines, which in turnincreases the likelihood that potential clients will visit your site over your competitors'.