Transform Your Website into an Integrated Sales Site

How ePubzWorks:

1.Dynamiconline formsgather relevant information about your site visitors and customers. These forms can be customized to ask company-specificquestions and gauge their interest level, product desire or quality score.
2.ePubz intuitively selects and sends the most applicablepublicationsfrom your existing collection. Your clients instantly receive dynamically tailored publications via direct link or email.
3.ePubzSMARTsystemtracks viewers' clicks, and supplies you with organized reportsthat eliminate the guesswork and allow you to conduct precise market research.

4.ePubz follows the sharing process to track how viral your publication has become and how popular your pub is within social networks.
5.ePubz integrates the lead and customer data with or your own CRM system so that you can continue the relationship and sales process

FORMS | Know Your Customer

Create customizedforms in our easy-to-use system, and display them on your website. Visitors answer questions, enabling ePubz to send the best-suited ePublication, eBrochure or eMagazine to each individual client.

ePublications| Enhance Your Image

Help viewers visualize your brand: Grab their attention, and persuade them to make the purchase. Showcase your product's best features with striking digital brochures publishedstraight to your website.

SMARTsystem | Integrate and Track your customers and sales

Segmented Market Analysis and Relationship Tracking is one of the cornerstones of the ePubz advantage. Know who your customer is, how many view, how many shares and track the sales process from one integrated system. Our integration with allows you to actively pursue the activity of a hot lead and convert that lead into a sale.

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Convert website into a Sales site